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GiliSoft Video Editor 6.1

Comprehensive video editing tool to enhance and add effects to your videos
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More than just the average video editing tool, Gilisoft Video Editor is a suite of various utilities under a common menu window. These tools include video cutting, merging, watermarking, cropping, subtitling, rotation, video effects, etc. Besides, you can use this tool as a conventional video and audio converter, with support for the most popular media formats.

The first thing you see when you open Gilisoft Video Editor is a colorful menu that reminds a lot of a standard Windows 8 desktop. Most of the colored and oversized icons you will find here have to do with video cutting and merging processes, though the program offers much more than that. There is an Easy Cutter, a Batch Cutter, an Advanced Cutter, a Splitter, and a Joiner tool, but you will also find subtitles, watermarks, a tool to add a new soundtrack to your videos, to rotate them, and – one of the program highlights – to add creative and pro-looking video filters and effects. Some of these features share the same interface, while others clearly belong to a different Gilisoft program altogether. Besides, it is important to highlight that some of these functions are also good for audio files.

Though it is obvious that Gilisoft Video Editor is nothing but an umbrella interface to bring together different programs and tools, the overall consistency of the various interfaces you come across when browsing the application certainly gives the user a feeling that he is using one single program. As an example, the video cropper, the watermarking tool, the subtitles, the “add music” tool, or the advanced cutter are all but the tabs of the same interface.

The selected video file is always presented in a clear and oversized player that helps you perform various tasks in a more comfortable way. The advanced cutter, for instance, offers a level of precision down to the millisecond, which works very well with the excellent “pause” feature and the sharp and clear images it provides.

As each feature is an application in itself, you won’t miss any of the options present in similar standalone programs. Thus, the video and audio splitter will allow you to cut your media files by time, size, number of segments, or manually. The video rotator will not only change the angle of your videos, but will also allow you to crop it and to change its aspect ratio. When it comes to pure video editing, you can both adjust the most common color and light parameters (contrast, brightness, saturation, etc.) and add stunning video effects, such as glow, fog, haze, old film, black and white, oil painting, and many others. Here you can also take snapshots of your videos and save your favorite frames in any of the most popular image file formats.

The possibilities are endless, and the number of tools and options present in this “video editor” surpass the standard video editing capabilities of most of its competitors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Brings together various standalone video editing applications under the same menu and a set of consistent interfaces
  • Supports all the most widely used media formats, both audio and video
  • Some of the utilities it provides can also be used with audio files
  • Clear and intuitive interfaces
  • Precise cutting tools


  • A certain level of overlapping functionality
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