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GiliSoft Video Editor 11.2

Modify and improve the quality of your videos
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Enhance the videos you own by adding effects or watermarks. Supports cropping and trimming, custom profiling, joining, adding music and others.

Your best home videos and other video recordings deserve a flexible and versatile tool that allows you to remove unwanted fragments, correct any lighting issues, cut or join files and fragments, and save them using a video codec that your favorite player can use. GiliSoft Video Editor offers you all of these tools and a few others to help you create pro-looking videos in no time.

The program opens in a colorful main menu where you’ll find all the main tools included and, on the bottom side, links to a number of related GiliSoft products. This main menu is a clever way to bring together a set of tools that were at some point different products, even though their interface designed has been nicely unified. Thus, what we main consider the program’s “main interface” is labeled as GiliSoft Video Cropper, even though cropping is just one of the six main edits you can perform here. It includes tabs also for cutting video and adding effects, watermarks, subtitles, and a new soundtrack to your video files. All the other options in the main menu open in individual windows, with names such as GiliSoft Video/Audio Joiner, Video Compression and GIF Maker, though their look-and-feel blend nicely with the program’s main window.

All six tools in the main interface come with their own video player. This, together with the program’s sliders and precise timings (down to the millisecond), allow any user to perform all the actions provided in a specific fragment or section with a high level of precision. All editing tools come also with all the settings you need to customize the different actions to fit your specific needs. This is also true for all those other utilities that open outside the main interface – they have their own preview window (when required) and a wide range of settings and options to customize all your edits. Though not selectable as such from the main menu, converting video between formats is always possible – all you have to do is open a file and, without making any other changes, save it in a different format.

GiliSoft Video Editor is more than a simple video editor. It comes with tools and utilities that will help you turn your raw home videos into watchable pro-looking movies with your choice of background music, subtitles, etc. You can also apply artistic effects to them so that they look as vintage films, oil paintings, or classic black-and-white movies. Regrettably, if you want to burn those movies to disc (DVD or Blu-ray), you’ll need to move them to an external tool (you’ll find links for GiliSoft options in the program’s main menu), as GiliSoft Video Editor lacks DVD or BD authoring capabilities.

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  • Offers three cutting options - easy, batch, and advanced
  • Includes a specific tool to compress video
  • Down-to-the-millisecond times for accurate positioning
  • Comes with a GIF maker


  • Does not include any DVD authoring capabilities
  • Video conversion is not part of the main menu
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