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GiliSoft Video Editor 11.3

Modify and improve the quality of your videos
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Enhance the videos you own by adding effects or watermarks. Supports cropping and trimming, custom profiling, joining, adding music and others.

Apart from the basic video adjustment options that most video editing tools offer, GiliSoft Video Editor comes with a series of extra utilities that will help you turn your home videos into pro-looking movies. Thus, you’ll find advanced features to crop, cut, and clip your video files, to add or substitute their soundtrack, and to apply creative and stylish video effects and filters.

The program opens in a colorful initial window that is in fact a collage of tiles representing the various options of the program’s main menu. The way they’ve been arranged is not the most intuitive one, and they even defy all logic sometimes. Thus, you’ll find tiles that open the same dialog (such as "Video enhancements" and "Effects") and some other that opens a completely different dialog than the one expected, as it happens with “Advanced Cutter”, which opens the “Crop” window. Some of the options provided open one-task dialogs with barely no settings (“Video Compression” or “GIF Maker”) while others activate windows that could easily be seen as independent full applications (such as “Joiner”).

However, as soon as you get familiar with the disposition of the various options and the tools they open, you’ll be ready to enjoy the wide range of possibilities that GiliSoft Video Editor offers. Leaving aside the “usual suspects” when it comes to video editing (such as common video adjustments, subtitles, rotation, cropping, spitting, etc.), this comprehensive application includes a set of useful utilities that you won’t find easily in many of its competitors. GIF Maker, for instance, will let you create GIF videos easily just by selecting the desired video fragment. Video Compression can reduce the file size of your bulkiest videos defining not only the output format, but also the level of quality you wish to preserve. GiliSoft Video Music Editor (that opens when you click on “Add/Remove audio” in the main menu) not only lets you add a soundtrack of your choice to your movie – it can also remove the original one. Another interesting feature refers to the various cutting tools available in the program, namely GiliSoft Batch Video/Audio Cutter, to remove specific sections from a set of video files at a time.

As you can see, GiliSoft Video Editor is full of surprises, and it offers tools that are not easy to come by. They may be arranged and organized in a peculiar way, but getting used to its peculiarities is always faster than trying to find some of those features somewhere else. The program is not free, but you can always download and try the trial version to help you make the right choice.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes a tool to create GIF videos
  • Offers a video compression utility
  • Substitutes the existing soundtrack for a new one
  • Has advanced cutting and splitting capabilities


  • Shows a confusing menu with strangely arranged options
  • Some options open the same dialog or an unrelated one
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